Demo Reel

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Tools used: Autodesk Maya, Side Effects Houdini, Mental Ray, Pixar Renderman, The Foundry Nuke, Apple Shake, Matchmover, PFTrack, Luxology Modo, Headus UV Layout, Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop)


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All work showcased in this demo reel (particles effects, dynamics, matchmoving, matte painting, compositing, modeling, (match)lighting, texturing, paint/roto) were done by Sateesh Malla, unless otherwise specified.

  1. Wall Blast: (April 2010) Thesis project; I worked on the wall blasting portion. The beginning part was done by a friend with whom I collaborated with. The rigid body simulation was done using shatter and particle instancing scripts in maya. I wrote expressions to control the dynamics of the debris.
  2. Particle Ink: (April 2010) Thesis project; These are particles emitted from a texture and then pushed up by a 3d Fluid simulation in Maya.
  3. Donut: (October 2009) Individual project; I used vopsops and chops in houdini to create this bouncy effect on the donut shape.
  4. Fluid Fire: (December 2009) Individual project; fluid simulation was done using maya 3d fluids.
  5. VTOL: (January 2010) Thesis project; Modeled, and lit aircraft in Maya; Textures, shaders, final render with Renderman; I created the matte painting and composited in Nuke. The cg plants are paint effects in Maya.
  6. Bee Swarm: (March (2008) Individual project; Bee model, procedural texture, lighting, and particle instancing done in Houdini; Composited in After Effects.
  7. Missile Launch: (April 2008) Individual project; Model and Procedural smoke trail created in Houdini; Post-camera shake and final compositing done in Shake.
  8. House: (May 2009) Individual project; Modeled in Maya; I cracked the walls manually and create instanced particles for the debris. Some parts are rbd. Composited in Nuke.
  9. Water Fountain: (May 2008) Individual project; Particle Fluid simulation created in Houdini; Composited in After Effects.
  10. Fluid Smoke: (December 2009) Individual project; fluid simulation was done using maya 3d fluids.
  11. 3D Text: (April 2010) Thesis project; Created in Maya – I shattered 3d text, and wrote a python script to create the animation.
  12. Aging Fruit: (September 2009) Individual project; Procedural shading and displacement using Renderman.
  13. UFO Project: (December 2008) Individual project; I filmed the shot and matchmoved it using PFTrack; I created the 3D models, matchlit, textured, and animated everything in Maya; Painting, color corrections, and final composite done using Shake.
  14. Genie: (April 2008) Individual project; Motion graphics piece showcasing use of pic function and copy stamping in Houdini.