About Sateesh Malla

My Interest in the digital arts began in the mid nineties, mostly as a hobby. At the time, a few notable programs (like Bryce 3D and Poser) essentially became cornerstones in shaping my future. I have an undergraduate degree in computer science and worked in that field for over 5 years. All this while however, I’ve held a keen interest in the arts, by way of photography and secondly through web/graphic design. It eventually dawned on me that this was my true calling and passion. Most important of all, I knew it would allow for artistic expression that simply wasn’t possible at all crunching code all day.

In 2010, I completed a rigorous master’s program in Visual Effects and Animation at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. My emphasis there was particle effects (a marriage of sorts between programming and art). My secondary interests were Texture and Lighting as well. The program was challenging and a huge undertaking to say the least, but I loved every minute of it.

Since graduating from AAU, I’ve worked for 4 and a half years at WET Design as an effects artist, creating a lot of water/fluid simulations along with other effects like fire, ice and fog to help clients visualize the magnificent water fountains to be created.

As of 2016, I am currently working as an Effects Artist in Dreamworks.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling whenever possible and experiment with Photography during these trips. I have a wide taste, but prefer Nature and Abstract photography for the most part. I’m also an avid hiker and runner. I am currently living in beautiful sunny Los Angeles.