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FIX dull colors on Quicktime H.264 Video

Monday, September 15th, 2008 No Comments »

Arguably one of the most annoying things about Apple Quicktime is that when you create a new file with h.264 compression, the colors look extremely washed out and dull. For instance, this happens when you export a file from Shake, After Effects, or other compositing programs. For the last year, I always thought it had to do with the h.264 compression that produced the dullness. However, when I played the same file with VLC player, the image looked fantastic. It never made sense, so I decided to revisit the issue and lo and behold there IS a solution to fix this.

  1. First and foremost, you need Apple Quicktime PRO.
  2. Open the QuickTime/h.264 file.
  3. Select “Window -> Show Movie Properties“.
  4. Select the video track, then click on the “Visual Settings” tab.
  5. On the bottom left part of the screen, you should see “Transparency” with a drop-down box.
  6. Select “Blend” from the menu then adjust the “Transparency Level” slider to 100%.
  7. Afterward, choose “Straight Alpha” from the same drop-down menu and close the properties window.
  8. Save the file.

At first, it might not look right, but move the slider on the timeline a bit and you should a much better looking image. Quicktime H.264 washed out colors demystified!!!

Update: 2008-10-11

I just realized that when you save the file above, the http streaming gets disabled for some reason. I was able to circumvent this by “Saving As” another file. But then the playback is no longer smooth.

If anyone knows a better solution for this let me know.


Summer Classes 2008

Monday, June 16th, 2008 No Comments »

My classes begin today. I’m taking the following:

  1. Conceptual Physics
  2. Advanced Texture and Lighting

I’m really looking forward to both of these. I haven’t taken physics since undergrad, but I’m not too worried. The class is going to cover the underlying physics in relation to the field of Visual Effects and Animation which will help me understand the fundamentals of science. We’ll be covering waves, particles, light, color, refraction, diffraction, motion, and much more.

The advanced texture and lighting class will no doubt help me tremendously. I’m familiar with the basics of texturing and not so much about lighting. Later this fall, I’m planning to take a lighting production class that will cover the rules for lighting during a green screen shoot, among other things. I’ll post updates on my work in the class. Stay tuned.