3D Text shatter – Title Sequence Animation

The 3d text model was fractured using the shatter plus plugin for Maya (it only works in 32-bit). Then I wrote some python to animate the pieces to fly inwards and come back together. Final Composite in After Effects. I also used trapcode form at the end.

Tools Used:
Maya, After Effects

I had some requests for the script that I used to create the animation for the pre-fractured pieces. Here is the python code to do this in Maya. Copy and paste this into the script editor:

import maya.cmds as cmds
import random

foo = cmds.ls ('polySurface*')
print (foo)

for i in foo:

	xRand = random.uniform(-50,50)
	yRand = random.uniform(-50,50)
	zRand = random.uniform(-50,50)

	cmds.xform(i, ws=True, r=True, t=(xRand  ,yRand  ,zRand ), ro=(xRand*10  , yRand*10  , zRand*10  ))
	cmds.setKeyframe (i, t='1.0')

for i in foo:

	xRand = random.uniform(-10,10)
	yRand = random.uniform(-10,10)
	zRand = random.uniform(-10,10)

	cmds.xform(i, ws=True, t=(0,0,0), ro=(xRand*5, yRand*5, zRand*5))
	cmds.setKeyframe (i, t='50.0')

for i in foo:

	cmds.xform(i, ws=True, ro=(0,0,0))
	cmds.setKeyframe (i, t='60.0')

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