UFO in San Francisco

I was walking around San Francisco when I spotted something strange on top of a building. A circular disk shaped object spinning slowly atop a building. Wow! A UFO hiding there all this time!! A bunch of people saw this too as evidenced by the commentaries on my video.

Fascinated by UFO stories in the sky, I wanted to take a different stab at it – that is, UFOs hiding among us. After scouting the streets of San Francisco, I finally found a building that had a top shaped like a UFO or saucer. I immediately filmed the background plate in San Francisco downtown, around kearny and post st. It was right at the twilight hour so I was able to get some nice lighting and highlights at least at the top of the buildings. I tracked the entire scene using PFTrack, which took a bit of time actually. Then I brought everything back into Maya and modeled, textured, lit, and animated the UFO. The final composite was done in Shake. I touched up a few frames with photoshop and after effects.

Tools Used:
PF Track, Maya, Shake, After Effects, Photoshop, Logic Pro

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