New Year 2011 Update

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. Since last summer until this past December, I’ve been very busy completing a number of 3d models and animations for a client. After I graduated last spring, I debated whether to move to Los Angeles or not (to work in film). In the end I stuck it out in San Francisco because I like out here so much. I did some work initially over the summer for Mekanism (3d matchmoving and some scripting/particle work) on a commercial spot for Bossanova. You can see the commercial here.

I had been wanting to start my own company, and figured it was a good start after picking up a small contract from a company called Solutions by Design (near Fresno, CA). They are a media company that focuses primarily on dental practices. A couple of years back, they got into 3d modeling and animation which they began outsourcing to various small companies and contractors. I handled everything from project management to developing assets and rendering. So that more or less has been keeping me busy. I am also working on some new ideas and websites. Over the winter holidays, I went to NY to visit my parents with my girlfriend. It was so nice to take a break from the computer(s). For both of us! Now that I’m back to SF, I got some more exciting work – high end motion graphics work for the same company (sbd). I’m gonna be doing some intro and transition sequences for a video they are producing. I’m also doing the sounds effects and music. I’ll post some screenshots when its finished. In the meantime, here are some screens from the work last year.

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